Psychology Colleges in US

Psychology is the study of human behavior, mental conditions and of human emotions in a scientific manner. Further, the job of a psychologist is to apply the principles thus learned to real human subjects, whether in clinical setting, or in any other setting such as industrial psychology. The United States has possibly the best psychology programs in the world, with its top colleges turning out top psychologists every year. Selecting the best program, from the best colleges is not an easy task. You have to select the best colleges from among a long list of universities that offer degrees in psychology. The importance of selecting the right college is even more important in the case of psychology because psychology is one of the costlier programs one can take. Any wrong selection here can cost you a packet. We have sifted through a number of surveys to bring you this list of the best psychology colleges in US.

Stanford University Stanford is consistently as the top university for psychology in the United States year after year. With more than 15,000 students enrolled in the university in the year 2010, it is one of the most respected universities in the world, with an unmatched psychology department.

Yale University The psychology program of Yale specializes in behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, as well as clinical, developmental and social psychology.

University of Michigan The psychology students of this university can gain experience at the clinic at the university, which has therapy programs as well as community outreach services for patients.

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Located in the Westwood area of Los Angeles, the psychology program at this university specializes in cognitive sciences and psycho-biology fields.

University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Apart from other specialties, you can study clinical, quantitative, developmental, and industrial-organizational psychology at this university.

University of California at Berkeley The university offers a Ph.D program within the area of Cognition and Development in its Graduate school of Education. The program the students to prepare themselves for a job as a psychologist in public schools, universities, mental health clinics, and other work settings.

Harvard With more than 30 faculty members, and past faculty that includes eminent psychologists and researchers such as B.F. Skinner, Gordon Allport, George Miller and Henry Murray, Harvard has one of the most distinguished psychology departments in the world.

University of Minnesota (U of M) Areas of specialization at the university include Clinical psychology, cognitive and brain sciences, Counseling, Industrial/Organizational, Quantitative methods, social psychology and Personality etc psychology.

University of Pennsylvania The university offers both undergraduate and graduate courses. It is consistently rated among the top psychology programs in the world.

University of California in San Diego This is the best school in US if you want to study experimental psychology: program it offers include Behavior Analysis, Cognitive psychology, Developmental psychology, Neuroscience and Behavior, and Social Psychology.